Walking aids are typically used by people with disabilities or injuries, or by people who have problems with balance.

Rollators and other traditional walking aids force the user into ergonomically poor positions, which may lead to even more serious symptoms, like back pain, headaches, muscle stiffness and joint pain.

Currently used devices may also be harmful to users’ mental well-being and self-esteem, especially when used in rehabilitation.

Rollators and walking aids are often used by people who are at increased risk of falling. The problem is that with a rollator the user has no support on the sides and behind him as he/she is walking behind the device. This poses a risk of falling, which can result in fractures of the hip, pelvis, femur and spine. Falling is considered to be the second-leading cause of accidental death and unintentional injury worldwide. Approximately 424,000 individuals die due to falls every year.


MiiMove is designed to help you walk in an upright posture – just like normal people do.

With MiiMove, you don’t have to lean forwards and push the device – you just step inside, let your arms lay on the handles and start walking!

The upright posture in the center of the device prevents neck, shoulder and back pain and headaches. The upright posture is also important for a healthy self-esteem.

MiiMove moves along with you all the time, and you have full support in all sides.

The spacious design and 4 fully rotating wheels around you make it is easy to walk and turn in all directions smoothly and safely. You can move your legs and feet freely,  and your head, hands and hips are in the correct position.

The ergonomic handles make all the movements feel natural and let your arms rest while you are moving. The shoulder and elbow joints are in good position without any tension.

The specially-designed oval aluminium frame makes MiiMove sturdy and safe for you to use – indoors and outdoors.